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I’m obsessed with your goats. LOVVVVVVE you guys!” – Catie, Andover

I attended goat snuggle last month and it was AMAZING! I love goats and I’ve wanted one for years. The staff here are so friendly and invite you right in. Being at their farm feels so relaxing and serene. I will definitely be coming back to visit this family and their animals.” – Taylor, Danvers

This was SUCH an amazing experience! I highly recommend practicing yoga with these adorable goats. As a yoga teacher, I must also say that the practice we were led in was very accessible and enjoyable, and well tailored to the goat experience. Such wonderful hosts and facilitators, and amazing four-legged assistants!” – Leo, Dorchester

I love goat yoga! Nothing gets the endorphins flowing quite like hanging out with cute little goats while balancing your mind, body, and soul (and sometimes a goat on your back!) I look forward to coming back soon with friends” – Leanne, Everett

Goats and bonus sheep were amazing!! Cleared up poison ivy , bittersweet and Japanese knotweed from my pond area so we can enjoy it again! Highly recommend goats to go to anyone needing an area cleared!” – Judy, Ipswich

Yoga and the instructor were very pleasant and organized. Relaxing session with a bonus side if ADORABLE goats to cuddle. What a great experience. Had lots of people giggling and sharing. Thank you Goats to Go!” – Patrizia, Medford


Absolutely amazing. I spent half the day just relaxing and watching them. They’re friendly, they sure do a great job. I love listening to them, and I don’t have to worry about all that brush, the poison ivy, and all the nasties. This is incredible. – Judy, Ipswich.



I can’t believe how much fun my kids and neighbors had today! Watching the goats and patting the soft sheep. We were the talk of the town! Great photos. Much better than hiring a crew or risking poison ivy!


I was glad to see they traveled from Georgetown to Ipswich. I know it’s a haul, but we really needed it and they were so nice. My daughters are in love with the sheep and want us to buy some. Not! But, we’ll have you back in a year or two!


My husband thought I was nuts, but I called and was so impressed by Jaime’s professionalism. They erected a wire fence to keep the goats away from our garden and the driveway, and then wow, just wow. The herd went to work!


I can’t believe how dumb we’ve been for years. I tried this on my property, and now I’m going to show the before and after photos to my neighbors and our town. This is a great service.

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