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Sheep For Grazing Specialty Areas

Did you know that goats and sheep eat different vegetation. Sheep are grazers meaning they eat grasses and some forbs, while goats love shrubs and woody brush including poison ivy, bittersweet, multirosa flora, knotweed, etc. We have over 100+ Katahdin sheep ewes (female sheep). These sheep are hair sheep so they shed their winter coats in the springtime. We use them in specialty areas that have mostly grasses. For example, hillsides that mowing is tough to access, solar fields, landfill caps, etc. The sheep work away and eat it and it is important that the grass not be too short or too long for them to eat.

Most recently in 2019, our sheep spend some time helping the sustainability group at UMass Lowell with those tough to reach areas. We are available in 2020 for large projects.

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