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Goats Browsing, Business Strategy

Goat Targeted Grazing: Examples to Study Dynamics of Targeted Grazing for Unwanted Vegetation Management Using Goats
Introduction, Rationale and Significance
Small ruminants such as sheep and goats have an advantage over bovines in terms of size and adaptability to foraging and browsing. It is this distinctiveness which allows them to be used as an alternative to the use of herbicides or prescribed burning for tree farm planting preparation, rangeland improvement, or enhancement of recreational area landscape. In most states, significant portions of land are not used for agricultural purposes, and it is challenging to balance environmental, social and economic goals to achieve a sustainable forest management …continue reading at Source:

Using Goats For Brush Control as a Business Strategy.
State and local goat producers’ organizations occasionally receive calls from businesses and government agencies asking about goat producers in the area who offer their services as a brush control business. Frequently, when goat producers hear of the opportunity they think of it as free feed for their goats – easy money. However, the business of using goats to control brush is not the same as a meat goat or dairy goat business. Using goats for brush control is a business strategy and comes with its own set of opportunities and problems.
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