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Goats & Weed Removal

Looking to try a new approach to your spring cleaning?  Our goats “give a hoof” and can help you clean up poison ivy, bittersweet, multi-rosa flora, and other unwanted vegetation in your backyards and community parks.  Why not call the Pros!  Our goats are seasoned veterans and come with an extensive resume of projects from Dog Parks to Cemeteries.  Not only do our goats take care of your invasive and nuisance weeds but you can enjoy watching them as they work.  Our friendly goats come with everything they need to be happy and healthy as they munch away.  We setup the fence, water, hay, and shelter for them to get the job done right and check on them to make sure them and you have what you need.

We look forward to sharing out goats with you this season.  We come to your place for a custom quote, as it starts to get green in the spring, mid-late May.  More Information on our Services page.  For quotes & inquiries Call/Text Alan at 508-451-1987 (please include “Goat” your name and number).

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