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Goats In Revere, Clean Saltmarsh

So exciting as we kick off our 2020 season for our Goats To Go – poison ivy and brush removal services. If you are interested, please make sure to get on our Spring Call Back List, as of May 20, 2020 we have over 90 people on our list and will be calling people to come out to custom quotes.

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In the News!

RevereTV –  The goats from Goats To Go have arrived in the City of Revere/Revere 311! We are not “kid”ing! Goats are an environmentally safe and efficient way to clean up large areas of land. These goats will eat the damaging phragmites that grow in the marsh that creates both a fire hazard and a breeding ground for mosquitoes during summertime. They also eat poison ivy that grows near these residential neighborhoods. Don’t worry! They will be confined to specific areas by an electric fence to ensure the safety of all residents. Please note – do not disturb or feed the goats! They’ve got plenty to eat and appreciate social distancing! If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to or visit Click Here for the Video.

Revere Journal – Real Goats Will Aid in Marsh Cleanup Project! The goats are here to help Revere. Don Ciaramella, superintendent of the Revere Water and Sewer Department, launched the city’s Goats-To-Go project here Tuesday morning, releasing 50 goats for a weed and brush removal project on the half-square mile of marshlands along North Shore Road at the end of Bay Road and Loring Road. The marshlands are situated on the northbound side of Route 1A. Click Here for the Article and Pictures.

A goat ignores the construction work off in the distance and is more curious about the camera. Photo Credit: Revere Journal

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