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No kid-ing! Goats provide landscaping whimsy in Haverhill

In July 2020, some goats headed over to neighboring Haverhill to help clean up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial . And the lovely
Allison Corneau with The Lawrence Eagle Tribune did a perfect write-up to capture some good these goats can do!

HAVERHILL — Drivers and walkers making their way through the Highlands neighborhood couldn’t help but stop and stare at Mill Brook Park on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It wasn’t the 6-foot-tall grass that captured their attention, but rather the new landscapers hired to get the lawn in order that made heads turn.

Alan Aulson’s Goats To Go didn’t need much when they arrived at the park: A drink of water, a shady spot to crash when they needed a break, and they were ready to go.

For two days, Aulson’s six animals chewed the overgrowth surrounding the city’s new Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is under construction at the park. Aulson’s company which offers the unique service is located in Georgetown and has been used by the city in the past, in one instance to eat away large amounts of poison ivy at the old Wood School.

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Photo Credit Tim Jean, Staff Photo for The Eagle Tribune