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Living on Earth Interview with Goats To Go

Last Fall Public Radio International (PRI) came out to meet the goats and learn more about how goats do a great job of goatscaping land, parks, and other areas.

On July 24th, the interview aired on Living on Earth Podcast and other local stations

“Goatscaping” for Chemical-Free Weed Control, Listen Now:

To read the interview: Visit the following link:

It’s midsummer and the weeds are booming, but pesticides and backbreaking labor aren’t the only remedies. A herd of hungry goats will happily mow down invasive blackberries, kudzu, and even poison ivy. Living on Earth’s Aynsley O’Neill took a trip to Georgetown, Massachusetts to watch some “goatscapers” on the job. 

Peter Frangos (property owner, left), Alan Aulson (Goats to Go founder, middle left), Paloma Beltran (LOE associate producer, middle right), and Aynsley O’Neill (LOE associate producer, right). (Photo: Courtesy of Paloma Beltran)