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Goat Yoga: Smiles on Faces and Massaging Hoof Prints on Your Back!

After hosting 61 events and putting smiles on over 1,700 peoples faces and many more massaging hoof-prints on backs while doing Goat Yoga and Goat Snuggle classes this summer at Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, Mass, we head south for the winter!  Check out the Picture Slideshow on YouTube. We’ll be back to Mass in the spring, but until then come experience the “warm” goat welcome to Florida.

On Dec 2nd the Goat Yoga craze hits the Gainesville, Florida area as a local farm in nearby Bronson offers its first event!  The first event has over 60 people registered and a full line-up of events are being offered through March 2018.  The Dec 2nd event will offer beer tastings compliments of Cypress & Grove Brewing of Gainesville and the class will be instructed by the talent Melissa of Sanctuary Yoga of Gainesville.  After a successful season in Massachusetts, these experienced yogi-loving goat “kids” return to their southern birth place at Black Prong Equestrian Center in Bronson, Florida.  The fainting goat kids are eager to entertain and put smiles on faces and little massaging hoof prints on the backs of their Gainesville fan’s hearts!  The Facebook Goat Yoga event has over 3,500 interested fans!  The kids are pleased with the interest and have posted their full line-up of goat yoga events.  Some to include beer/wine tastings, live music, visits to newborn kids, and more!

Check the Goats to Go website for the full line-up of events: or Contact Michelle at for more information! Other dates include Dec 3rd, Dec 28th, Jan 21st, Feb 17th, Mar 9th, & Mar 11th. March dates are in coordination with the Black Prong Bluegrass Music Festival, March 8-11, 2018.

Pic from: Lawrence Eagle Tribune