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At Goats to Go we raise Fainting Goats or also known as Myotonic Goats.
The myotonic goat or fainting goat is an American breed of goat that originated in Tennessee. It is characterized by myotonia congenita, a hereditary condition which may cause it to stiffen or fall over when startled, nervous or excited. This condition does not hurt them but does cause some comical relief. They are a medium size goat and average 24 to 36 inches in height.

We love breeding and raising goats and want to share the love and excitement that these animals can bring to your life. There are a lot of benefits of owning Fainting Goats. And we do mean plural “goats” because you should have at least 2 goats, as they can become depressed at a single goat home since they are herding animals and live in a herd. We also recommend getting your place ready for goats before you purchase them. For instance, goat proof fencing (not your average backyard fencing) and an enclosure for them to relax during inclement weather (heat and rain). Goats don’t like to get wet and can overheat in direct sunlight.

These goats will bring a lot of love to your home. We have goats of many ages available for purchase. Starting in May 2021 we have over 80 baby goats and some of these will be for sale to good homes. These baby goat “Kids” were born between February 7th and Mid-March 2021. We will ensure you know the basics of owning goats and goat husbandry.

Wetherlings (castrated males under 1 yrs old) & Wethers (castrated males): $275+
Doelings (female under 1 yr olds) & Does (females): $375+

Contact Maureen at 978-609-1062 or email for more information and interest in buying goats.

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