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Weekday Goat Yoga & Snuggle Classes

Join us on the farm for our popular mini-session Goat Yoga and Snuggle that are hosted on a weekday featuring our baby fainting goat kids in 30-min or 40-min classes or select to come to two classes for a discounted rate to attend for a full one hour! These will be upbeat classes as our kids will be bouncing on and off you throughout the whole class!!!

  • Goat SNUGGLE sessions include: 25 minutes of seated mat time to pet and snuggle with our baby fainting goat “kids” while you feed goat treats, ask questions, and learn more about the goats care, health, and life on the farm.
  • Goat YOGA sessions include: 25 minutes of gentle yoga while the goats interact with you, and a 5 min cool down seated poses while you continue to hold, pat, snap pictures, and feed goat treats.

Due to COVID-19, we are limiting registration for our events. We usually host up to 30 and will increase as more information comes available. Sold out classes may become available later.

Our 2020 season has now ended. We will return in June 2021 and online registration will open mid-March. Monday Night Classes are usually June to August.

Location: Goats To Go at Great Rock Farm, 201 Pond St Georgetown, MA

Tickets: $20-30 per person. Tickets are non-refundable. Appropriate for Ages 12+ yrs old (Ages 5-11 allowed in the yoga with adults and Ages 3-11 for snuggle classes but must have tickets)

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