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Local Businesses Tastings/Samples at Goat Yoga

As of the end of March, we have already sold over 250 tickets to our goat yoga and snuggle classes, to be hosted by Goats To Go at Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA.  Most of the June and July schedule is posted and are open for online registration.

Kelsey Stevens Photography

As we continue into our second year, we will continue our tradition of inviting local businesses to provide samples and tastings of their products.  This is a great way for us to showcase our local businesses and we comp our reps by allowing them to attend the classes being offered.

If you are, or know, a local business who may want to come demonstrate/provide tastings/samples of their products at an upcoming event, take a look at our schedule and email Michelle at to get hooked up!  There is no better way to spend some time than surrounded by hook prints, bleats, and laughter at a beautiful farm in the country.