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Goats To Go, located at Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA, is a family-owned and -operated service that supports weed and brush removal projects, as well as events such as Talks & Workshops, Goat Hikes, and Goat Yoga & Snuggle classes with our baby fainting goats. Our Goats love a good challenge when it comes to weeds and poison ivy projects. They help you to effectively clean up your land in the suburbs, backyards, and even parks and conservation lands to make them more enjoyable and usable. To give you the best results, we do our projects during the growing season, from mid-May to Labor Day and custom quote each job to ensure we bring the best equipment and best combination and number of goats to get the job done. Some lands are not easily accessible with large equipment and chemical/herbicide use is costly and proven to be less effective or inefficient in maintaining areas for multi-use purposes, due to continuous human recreational use and presence. Goats (brush-eaters, aka browsers) and sheep (grass-eaters, aka grazers) love to eat weeds and brush and are great at getting at all those hard to reach areas. Become a success story, use goats and sheep to effectively manage your challenging areas.

Notable weed control and poison ivy and brush removal projects include:

  • Rye, New Hampshire School District
  • 1‐acre Springhill Solar Farm, Bradford, MA
  • 6+ acres at Covanta Energy, Resource Recovery Facility Haverhill, MA
  • 2 acres for Ipswich, MA Power Plant
  • Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Charles River Boston, MA,
  • Historic West Parish Cemetery in an effort to uncover hidden and unknown gravestones in Andover, MA
  • 2 acres at Parks & Rec Dog Park Danvers, MA to allow for the development of a new multi-use park.
  • Endangered Blanding’s Turtle Habitat Georgetown, MA

Our History: A Bite-size Amount:

  • Goats To Go operations for brush/weed control began in ~2012, based out of Georgetown, Massachusetts (30 mins north of Boston).
  • Goat Yoga and Snuggle with our baby goats (aka “kids”) began in June 2017
  • Supplemented by over 40 years of farming experience in New England and Central Florida beginning projects.
  • Today actively support operations for large‐scale grazing, and vegetation control and removal for small‐ and large‐scale projects for the past five years.
  • Projects include private, local governments, and other government projects for vegetation control and removal of brush and ivy.
  • Own 220+ sheep, 130+ goats, 30 cattle, 3 Great Pyrenees guardian dogs, a llama, and 3 Austrian Shepherd herding dogs.
  • Management of over 150 acres of farmland in Georgetown area using sheep, goats, llama, guardian dogs, horses, and cattle.

For more information. See our Services page for more details on our location, services, and cost/quotes and see our Events page for more information on talks & Workshops, Goat Yoga events and schedules.

Goats To Go * 201 Pond St Georgetown, MA 01833 * 978-352-0589 *
Great Rock Farm — Established in 1978.