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Crazy About Goats – Class Descriptions

After a thrilling and exciting first season in 2017, Goat Yoga and Snuggle classes will return to the private farm, Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA. The following provides a summary of the events we offer.  To register for a class visit our Events Page for our full schedule.

Our classes are held on our beautiful 50+ acre farm, Great Rock Farm, in Georgetown, MA. We want you to get the full effect of a true farm-yard goat yoga and snuggle experience by partaking in these events with farm animal sounds and smells all around you. Plus the kids are most comfortable when they invite you into their own surrounds. The majority of the classes are held overlook the water on a stunning grassed area with a white picket fence and flowers. And our rain location is just as remarkable: a rustic and clean 5-story post and beam barn with hardwood floors.

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YOGA + GOATS: Practice yoga accompanied by our baby fainting goat kids. The class is sequenced for all levels of yoga (beginners are welcome too!!), and focuses on deepening the human connection to nature, nurturing communication with animals, as well as fostering mindfulness, breath, and meditation all in a gorgeous setting with some spectacularly fluffy and sweet assistants. Appropriate for ages 12+ yrs old, (ages 3-11 with prior approval), the session includes 30/40 minutes of gentle yoga while the goats interact with you, and a 20 min cool down seated poses while you continue to hold, pat, snap pictures, and feed goat treats.

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GOAT SNUGGLE: Not into yoga but still want to come visit, interact, and learn about the baby goats? We will continue to offer our popular event called “Seated Goat Snuggle.” It’s a 1 hour session, for those over 12+ yrs of age (ages 3-11 with prior approval). The session includes 45 mins of seated mat time to pet, snuggle with our baby fainting goat “kids” while you feed goat treats, ask questions, and learn more about the goats care, health, and life on the farm. This type of interaction with the kids is still very interactive and they jump your shoulders and backs as well as snuggling and petting.

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MEDITATION + GOATS: Join our talented teacher as your led through a 30-minute meditation in front our beautiful pond (or barn in the event of rain). Come discover the benefits becoming present in nature and then focusing in on the gentle sounds heard around the farm, in the trees and from the baby goats. Your senses will awaken with a feeling of clarity and happiness after experiencing this unique meditation. Once you have come out of mediation you will spend 20/30 min with the baby goats either quietly enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a hug from them or doing some fun yoga poses with them. Please bring a towel or a pillow to either sit on or lay down on during meditation. Reiki charged crystals will be used in this class and provided to each person for take home.

GOATS & GOURDS: a Paint Nite on the Farm! Hosted by artist Amy Wood of Peabody, MA. It will feature 20 mins of playtime with the baby goats. While you paint baby goats may roam around so always have a treat handy, or they may be in the pen nearby so not to be too much of a distraction during your painting. We expect that this class will take between 2 – 3 hrs, so please plan for a full night of fun!! The design of the birdhouse gourd will be announced soon. But does it really matter? It’s the goats and the gourds that are bringing you! Amy will walk you through the painting of the gourds and at the end of the night you can take your gourd home or the farm may buy back your gourd.

BRING TO CLASS: Please be sure to bring a towel or yoga mat along with a water bottle for class. Depending on weather, classes may be held in a grass setting or in the barn on hardwood flooring. Plan to arrive 10/15 minutes prior to start time but no earlier than 30 mins before your start time. Unless otherwise noted, any food/drinks will be provided during check-in only (30 mins before the class is set to begin). T-shirts, Tank-tops, hats, mugs, magnets, etc are available for purchase (Cash/Check only) during the events or by ordering online.

TASTINGS: During some of our classes we like to add tastings from local businesses.  Some items we tend to offer tastings for include: cheese & crackers with local goat cheese, lemonade/jucies, apple cider, cupcakes, beer/wine/hard cider, olive oil with bread, mimosas, muffins, donuts, and more.  Check the specific events for more details.

CHARITY EVENTS: We do what we can to support local charities and non-profits. During our Charity events $10 of each ticket purchased goes directly to support this amazing cause. During the event $2 of each T-shirt or Tanktop sold will also go to the charity. Additional cash/check donations can be made during the event or on the charity’s website that is provided on the event listing.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds are available. Since classes sell out in advance, we have a strict cancellation policy. Tickets can be transferred to another class or person if request is made 48 hrs prior to the start of the class. Transfers to another class or person must be made via email notification and you must indicate the name of the person or the date you would like to reschedule for. Transfers to another class must be made within 1 week and only on classes with openings available at the time of your rescheduling.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: New this year we are offering e-gift certificates for our Goat Yoga and Goat Snuggle classes, delivered directly to your email. **Some Discounts are also offered when you purchase gift certificates for multiple classes. To purchase a gift certificate: Goat Snuggle e-Gift Certificates and Goat Yoga e-Gift Certificate.

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