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Upcoming Special Events:

  • Goat Yoga and Seated Goat Snuggle at Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA started in June 2017, upcoming dates:
    • No Classes weekend of Sep 30th/Oct 1st
    • Goats to Go T-Shirt Giveaway (Virtual-Online Event) ends 9/30 – FREE (Sign-Up)
    • Classes held the weekend of Oct 7-8th
    • Mon 10/9, 9:15-10:30AM Fainting Goat Yoga with Mimosas and Muffins, with Maggie – $40 (3 spots left, Register)
    • Mon 10/9, 5:00-6:00PM Fainting Goat Yoga with Hot Mulled Apple Cider, with Christina – $30 (15 spots left, Register)
    • No Classes between Oct 10-14th
    • Sun 10/15, 10:00-11:15AM Goat Yoga with Pumpkin Muffins & Mimosas, with Maggie (FULL)
    • Sun 10/15, 1:00-2:00PM Seated Goat Snuggle & Pumpkins/Gourds, with Michelle – $35 (Register)
    • Sun 10/15, 3:00-4:00PM Goat Yoga & Pumpkins/Gourds, with Christina – $40 (10 spots left, Register)
    • Sun 10/15, 5:00-6:30PM Goat Glow: Goat Yoga with Glow Sticks & Beer Tasting, with Christina – $40 (Register)
    • Mon 10/16, 5:30-6:30PM Goat Yo with Costumes, with Jana – $35 (Register)
    • Wed 10/18, 5:00-6:15PM Goat Yoga Oils – Safe & Effective Essential Oils for Humans/Animals, with Leah (coming soon, email with interest)
    • Sat 10/21, 5:00-6:30PM Goat Yoga with Beer & Olive Oil Tasting, with Christina – $40 (9 spots left, Register)
    • Sun 10/22, 10:00-11:00AM Goat Yoga Goat Yoga with Hot Mulled Apple Cider in Costumes, with Maggie – $30 (9 spots left, Register)
    • Sun 10/22, 1:00-2:30PM Seated Goat Snuggle with Saintly Cider Tasting, with Michelle – $40 (20 spots left, Register)
    • Sun 10/22, 5:00-6:30PM Goat Yo with Pumpkin Beer, with Jana (coming soon)
    • Mon 10/23 5:30-6:30PM Goat Yo with Costumes, with Jana – $30 (coming soon)
    • No Classes between Oct 24-29th
    • Mon 10/30, 5:00-6:30PM A Kid-Friendly Halloween Goat Yoga & Campfire with Mulled Cider and Treats, with Christina (coming soon)
    • Last week of Goat Yoga and Snuggle Classes for the season at Great Rock Farm in Mass will be the week of Oct 30th. We will return in the Spring 2018!

Check Back Frequently as More Events are Added.  More October dates may be added.

~~~~~~~~Below Events to be Held in Bronson, Florida~~~~~~~~

  • Goat Yoga and Seated Goat Snuggle at Black Prong Equestrian Center in Bronson, FL (45 mins from Ocala/Gainesville) starting late November 2017, upcoming dates:
    • Thu 11/20, 10:00-11:00AM Seat Goat Snuggle: It’s Not Yoga but Just as Fun!, with Michelle – $20 (Register)
    • Sat 12/2, 10:00AM-1:00PM Goat Yoga: Yoga with Goats, with Melissa – $30 (Register)
    • Sun 12/3, 10:00-11:00AM Seat Goat Snuggle: It’s Not Yoga but Just as Fun!, with Michelle – $20 (Register)

Check Back Frequently as More Events are Added to the Schedule. More dates coming soon.

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For Goat Yoga and Snuggle related questions contact Michelle at or call/text 703-994-8353.  You can also like/follow us at Goats to Go on Facebook.

Click here to see our Goat Yoga and Snuggle Classes: Picture Album 1. Picture Album 2.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1.What kind of yoga is offered? We offer goat yoga and themed events, that are suitable for all levels and experiences.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.  It is a 1hr yoga session taught by a certified yoga instructor were they use 12-15 baby goats to aid in your therapeutic relief when you practice a gentle flow yoga in this beautiful and natural farm setting.  For those just wanting time with the goats we also offer a snuggle class that you also learn more about the goats and life on the farm.  The classes include a farm viewing, 30/40 minutes of gentle yoga or snuggle while the goats interact with you, and a 15 min cool down seated poses while you continue to hold, pat, and feed goat treats.

Q2. How do I sign‐up? A2. Our events schedule is posted here on our website and events will be advertised on our Facebook Page. Select the event you want to register for and complete the online registration form and then payment option via paypal or credit card.  Events will continuously be posted for sign‐up, so check back frequently to sign-up for another class.

Q3. Where are you located and how do I get there? A3. Our private farm is located in Georgetown, MA (or at Black Prong Equestrian Center in Bronson, FL). In Mass, we are 30 mins from Portsmouth, NH, 40 mins from Boston, and 1 ½ hrs from Portland, ME. For your GPS use 201 Pond St Georgetown, MA 01833 or GPS coordinates: 42.743732, ‐70.987688. From the Center of Georgetown head north on North St and take the first left onto Pond St and travel 1.2 miles and take a right onto our long driveway with a blue “Great Rock Farm” sign. Arrive at least 10 mins prior to your session (and no earlier than 30 mins) to avoid confusion with other class sessions.

Q4. What happens when it rains, will class be cancelled? A4. Our classes are on, rain or shine.  In the event of rain we will be in the 5 story post and beam barn on hardwood floors . Otherwise we will be in the grass setting near the pond so you can take in the sounds and smells of a barn.  We strongly recommend a towel for when in the barn for easier cleaning of dust and goat pebbles. (Our rain location is in the pavilion at Black Prong in Florida)

Q5. What should you bring? A5. Bring a mat (or towel is recommended for easy cleaning), water bottle, a camera, and an open-mind with a great attitude. Everyone will get time to snuggle and pet the goats during your session. Your registration includes goat treats, water, hand sanitizer, and bug spray.

Q6. Interactions with the goats? What if the goat pees, poops, nibbles, jumps on me? A6. Just like a bird pooping on your car, it’s your lucky day I guess! We will do our best to help you shake the pebble poops off your mat and keep the area you are in clean, but they are farm animals and nature calls sometimes. While our goat kids are very social and friendly, each animal is different in how it interacts with you: some will come right up to you and others may be a little shy. Patience, moving slowly, and a feeding a goat treat are the best ways for you to pet, hold, and snuggle with our baby goats. None of our goats are trained to do acts or tricks and they are merely farm animals we want to offer you to partake in some therapeutic relief and bring a smile to your face.

Q7. Tell me about the sessions and the goats? A7. Class sizes range between 20 to 30 participants. We have over 30 baby goat kids and use between 10 to 15 goat kids for a class. They are Myotonic “fainting” goats, Nigerian Dwarfs, or a mix breed goat born between Dec 2016 and March 2017.  More babies are due to be born in Jan/Feb 2018 and will start Yoga in Mar/April after they are 2 months old.

Q8. Is your farm open to the public, can we stop over to pet animals? A8. No, unfortunately we are a private working farm in Georgetown, MA and do not have staff or a setup allowing drop-ins or other visitors that are not prearranged.  At Black Prong, this is a active facility with many events open to the public.



A line of kids

A line of kids