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Our 2018 Season has now ended at our Massachusetts location at Great Rock Farm.  Thanks for the support and interest, we are grateful to all who have joined us!   2019 opening weekend is the 1st weekend in June.  Get to Florida this winter and join the kids down there for some fun in the sun with classes monthly from November to April – on-site cabins and camping also available!

Looking for the perfect holiday or birthday present?  Grab a Goats To Go e-Gift Certificate or join the VIP Program and get VIP access to sold out classes, as well as a Gift Certificate, t-shirt, and car magnet delivered to your mailbox.

(Black Prong in Florida)

SUN 10:00A Dec 16th Goat Yoga (w/ Kate Motto) $30 Info/ Register Now
SUN 10:00A Jan 27th Goat Yoga (w/ Melissa Montilla) $30 Info/ Register Now
SUN 11:30A Jan 27th Goat Snuggle & Groom (w/ Lynn Plourde) $20 Info/ Register Now
SUN 10:00A Feb 10th Goat Yoga (w/ Kira Kavall) $30 Info/ Register Now
SUN 9:00A Mar 10th Goat Morning Stretch & Snuggle (w/ Michelle Aulson) $20 Info/ Register Now

(Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, MA) – Opening March 2019

SUN  10:00A 1:15P
Jun 2nd, 9th, & 23rd. Jul 14th & 21st. Aug 4th & 18th Goat Snuggle & Learn
Info/ Not Yet Open
SUN 8:15A  11:30A
Jun 2nd, 9th, & 23rd. Jul 14th & 21st. Aug 4th & 18th Sunrise & Morning Goat Yoga $35
Info/ Not Yet Open
SUN 2:15A  4:15P
Jun 2nd, 9th, & 23rd. Jul 14th & 21st. Aug 4th & 18th Fainting Goat Yoga & Tastings $40
Info/ Not Yet Open
FRI 6:30P
Jun 7th, Jul 12th, Aug 9th, Sep 13th Twilight Goat Yoga & More
Info/ Not Yet Open
MON 30 mins classes
Jun 3rd, 10th, & 24th. Jul 8th, 15th & 22nd. Aug 5th & 19th Mini-Monday Goat Yoga & Snuggle
Info/ Not Yet Open

(for Events at Great Rock Farm, Georgetown, MA)

2019 VIP Registration Program $100/single $120/double Open Info/ Join Now  (limited time offer)
Mini-Monday e-Gift Certificates $15/Snuggle, $20/Yoga Open Info/ Buy Now
Goat Yoga e-Gift Certificates $40/single $80/double Open Info/ Buy Now
Goat Snuggle e-Gift Certificates $25/single $50/double Open Info/ Buy Now

(Great Rock Farm, Georgetown, MA)

Private Event  2019 Starting at: $750 – Yoga & $625 – Snuggle Inquiry Form
THU 4PM Jun 6th Holly’s Work Pending

(Georgetown, MA and surrounding areas)

 None Scheduled

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Pictures and Videos of our Goat Yoga and Snuggle Classes: Picture Album 1. Picture Album 2YouTube Video.

Photo Credit: Kelsey Stevens Photography

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where are you located and how do I get there? A. Our private farm is located in Georgetown, MA (or at Black Prong Equestrian Center in Bronson, FL). In Mass, we are 30 mins from Portsmouth, NH, 40 mins from Boston, and 1 ½ hrs from Portland, ME. For your GPS use 201 Pond St Georgetown, MA 01833 or GPS coordinates: 42.743732, ‐70.987688. From the Center of Georgetown head north on North St and take the first left onto Pond St and travel 1.2 miles and take a right onto our long driveway with a blue “Great Rock Farm” sign. Arrive at least 10 mins prior to your session (and no earlier than 30 mins) to avoid confusion with other class sessions. In Florida we are 45 minutes from Ocala and Gainesville and 2 hrs from Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Tampa. GPS Coordinates: 29.323171,-82.600928.
Q. What should you bring? A. Bring a mat (or towel is recommended for easy cleaning), water bottle, a camera, and an open-mind with a great attitude. Everyone will get time to snuggle and pet the goats during your session. Your registration includes goat treats & hand sanitizer.

Q. Interactions with the goats? What if the goat pees, poops, nibbles, jumps on me? A. Just like a bird pooping on your car, it’s your lucky day I guess! We will do our best to help you shake the pebble poops off your mat and keep the area you are in clean, but they are farm animals and nature calls sometimes. While our goat kids are very social and friendly, each animal is different in how it interacts with you: some will come right up to you and others may be a little shy. Patience, moving slowly, and a feeding a goat treat are the best ways for you to pet, hold, and snuggle with our baby goats. None of our goats are trained to do acts or tricks and they are merely farm animals we want to offer you to partake in some therapeutic relief and bring a smile to your face.

Q. Tell me about the sessions and the goats? A. Class sizes range average around 30 participants. We have over 30 baby goat kids and use between 10 to 15 goat kids for a class. They are Myotonic “fainting” goats, Nigerian Dwarfs, or a mix breed.
Q. Is your farm open to the public, can we stop over to pet animals? A. No, unfortunately we are a private working farm in Georgetown, MA and do not have staff or a setup allowing drop-ins or other visitors that are not prearranged.  At Black Prong, this is a active facility with many events open to the public.

A line of kids

A line of kids